It’s not a fair fight

When it comes to buying software, vendors have more information to support their negotiating priorities than customers. They know their price points, understand competitor offerings, and have installed base information about the customer in hand. And because your government agency is transparent, you can be sure they already know your budget.

CIOs don’t have the complete picture however. You don’t have access to everything the vendor has and what critical data you do have is spread throughout the organization. This critical data can include user satisfaction, resource consumption, trailing support costs (explicit and assumed), future requirements, and adjacent systems needs.

The result, in many cases, is that software costs increase faster than other IT spending.  The shift to SAAS threatens to make this problem bigger – and more permanent.

You can level the software purchasing playing field

LNS understands technology, product usage, industry trends, and the intricacies of the software license negotiation process. Our experts work with your team to deliver an array of options to support your objectives. We interview key staff and stakeholders, reviewing one-time and recurring expenses, assessing user satisfaction and analyst opinion then we align all that information with your new objectives and budgets.

You get detailed insight into your most important vendors – helping you better leverage your current spending while boosting the support and attention you deserve from key vendors. We can also join you at the table to implement those strategies when negotiating with your key suppliers.

Get real software investment awareness

Partnering with LNS gives you a complete view of software spending with key vendors. You learn how well you’re meeting SLAs, where current spending can be pared back or boosted, and how to better aggregate new requirements to drive better capital utility.  And because we take a framework approach, you can replicate the process, with LNS or on your own, to drive additional improvements going forward.