Get leverage in your negotiations with our price check service.

We will price check your quote from Oracle for new software licenses and ongoing support renewals.  Our database includes Oracle contracts and actual procurements from several State governments.  We have identified the contract price for each software item, what the various agencies actually paid for those items, what additional benefits are included in the contracts. We also have identified changes in the support stream for those governments’ fiscal years 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Sign up for our XRAY into Oracle and get the information you need to save money

Once you sign up for the Oracle XRAY, you will share with us the quote you received from Oracle (or an Oracle reseller). You will get the following key data sheets and negotiation tools back from LNS:

  1. The actual best price State governments have paid for each item on the quote.
  2. Copies of the government’s current contract price, the quote from Oracle (or its partner for the procurement) and the purchase order with the jurisdiction issued for each item.
  3. Negotiating tip sheet providing “give-get” strategy that leads to the LNS recommended final price.
  4. Two hours of direct consultation. We will review your negotiating objectives and ensure all other related leverage points are covered. These leverage points include training, additional software products, Oracle World passes, and other services provided as part of the final contract.