Software License Negotiation 

We gather all the critical information you need to make strategic software investment
decisions. The data you need is spread throughout your organization, but we have the experience to pull it together and find the most important pressure points that can provide you the best return.

  • We collect data about user satisfaction, resource consumption, trailing support costs, future requirements, adjacent systems needs.
  • LNS understands technology, product usage, industry trends, and the intricacies of the software license negotiation process.
  • LNS will work with the client to create a negotiating strategy document.
  • We can also join you at the table to implement those strategies when negotiating with your key suppliers.

Software Support Renewal Assessment

No organization is ever static and the software agreements you have in place need to reflect what has changed.  New mandates, objectives and personnel will lead organizations to allocate new budgets to the acquisition of new capabilities. At the same time, legacy vendors will not always continue to deliver capabilities to address emerging objectives. Our approach includes:

  • Interviewing key staff and stakeholders
  • Reviewing one-time and recurring expenses
  • Assessing user satisfaction and analyst opinion
  • Making sure it all aligns with your new objectives and budget requirements

Software Audit Advising 

Our process of mapping the entire software utilization landscape and collecting all the critical information then updating regularly creates an always current knowledge base that can be a continuous resource for the client. This can be a basis for regular reviews and is also a solid foundation for more extensive audits when required.

Enterprise Software Agreement Assessment

Major decisions with long term budget impact require high levels of analysis and assessment. We review all element of the vendor history and performance and provide an in depth assessment to support your budget decisions